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Pay To Do My Homework: A Guide to Online Academic Assistance

Pay To Do My Homework

We are living in a fast-paced world. Most students these days are engaged in multi-curricular activities and often cannot match up to the required academic standard in all their assignments. This pushes many students to seek online homework assistance. These days, there are many websites where I can pay to do my homework. As it seems from the outset extremely helpful for students to attain good academic qualifications, it can also have certain drawbacks. In this article, we’ll discuss the essentials of the “pay-to-do-my-homework” concept in detail.

Where can I pay to do my homework?

Since several online services provide homework assistance, we have to be careful and choose according to our needs. Here are some online academic service providers listed below where one can pay to get their homework done.  

  • Websites for Homework Assistance: There are certain websites such as Chegg, Course Hero and Studygate where students can seek paid assistance for particular assignments. These websites generally consist of a team of educators and subject matter experts to help students with specific problems.
  • Academic Writing Service: Essaypro, Ultius and Grademiners provide customised academic writing services. Experts write unique essays or answers for students.
  • Online Tutors: Certain websites provide online tuition and let you hire a tutor to assist with your homework. This category includes websites like Wyzant,, and Preply.

  • Freelance Tutors: Many people freelance as online tutors. Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr are some websites that offer an array of freelance tutors who can be paid to help you do your homework.

One has to choose wisely among this host of online homework assistance, the best suitable for their specific demands. Now let us take a look at the pros and cons of paid help for doing homework.

Why should I pay to do my homework?

There can be many reasons to choose paid online academic help.

  1. Time Management: If students are enrolled in multiple curriculums they might find it difficult to meet deadlines. Liquidation of some of the responsibilities will ensure better time management.

  2. Grades Improvement: Since the tasks are completed by experts in particular subjects, it can improve the grades of the student.
  3. Clarity of the subject: The completed assignments can provide the students with greater clarity on the subject they were finding difficult before.
  4. Stress Release: Less workload means less stress and anxiety for a student and indirectly may help to improve the academic performance of the student.

  5. Expert solutions: Students may find difficulty with assignments that requires more expertise on a subject than they currently know. Specialised assistance will help them complete the assignments within the stipulated time.


Many educators are strictly against the pay-to-do-my-homework phenomenon. In effect, the trend can result in serious problems such as:

  • Dishonesty: Educators are concerned about the ethical grounding of the practice, since, paying to do homework in other words is cheating.
  • Lack of clarity: More often than not, paid homework services are used as a shortcut to good grades. The student in this way fails to develop a proper understanding of the things they are studying.
  • Enhancing inequality: It goes without saying that the paid services are limited to only a few who can afford them. Underprivileged students cannot pay the fees to get their homework done, and getting good grades this way becomes an unhealthy practice.
  • Compromised Quality: Instead of being better, paid services can provide students with bad-quality work which might not meet the required academic standard.


The “pay to do my homework” trend, above all, indicates the preference for grades over actual learning. Thus, how much it can uplift the academic potential of a student remains a question. However, judicious use of online academic services can help students increase their knowledge of the field along with ensuring good marks. 

Online Assignments: How Effective are They for academic growth?

Online Assignments

How Effective are they for the academic growth of a student?

Since Covid-19 became a global pandemic, online assignments have become one of the convenient tools for continuing educational practices. As accessing the traditional physical spaces of learning became difficult, educators have preferred this unconventional teaching mode.

Although the concept is much older than the pandemic, they are so widespread and commonplace after it that they have become intrinsically connected to our understanding of the education system now. 

There are simultaneous benefits and limitations of online assignments. Research has been done on the motivational effects of online assignments on students and the body of research continues to grow. These researches provide us with completely new perspectives on online teaching. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and constraints of online assignments.

Why online assignments?

Educational institutes are bound to function within a time limit. To occupy students with their learning practices assignments are essential. With the changing pace of time, online learning became crucial to distance learning. In 2020, Covid-19 became a global pandemic.

As social distancing became a norm, educational institutes had to be closed down. But this unusual problem hardly required an unusual solution. The concept of online learning was already pretty popular with distance learners who couldn’t attend their educational institutes physically. Many world-class universities were providing online courses for distance and foreign learners.

This practice was now being incorporated into regular courses as well. Instead of being present physically at the institute, students had to attend online classes and submit online assignments now. During the time of lockdown, this way of learning became so convenient that many institutes stuck to the hybrid mode of learning (comprising both online and offline classes) even after the lockdown was legally lifted. 

Online assignments are the tasks given to students via the internet to be submitted through the same medium. These assignments may include attending online video conferences or seminars and presenting papers online. Online tests and quizzes can be conducted through various virtual tools. Discussion boards and forums can be created in a virtual platform for students’ participation. Email, Google Classroom, and Edmodo are some of the platforms to assign tasks online to students. 

There are several benefits and criticisms of online assignments. Now let us take a brief look into them.   

What are the benefits of online assignments?

Online assignments have many benefits for students and teachers alike.

  • Online assignments are very effective when the physical distance becomes a constraint for the participants. Since one does not need to travel, online learning provides students with a greater scope of attending lectures in foreign or distant academic institutes.
  • It has a wider reach since participants from various parts of the world can take part in the assignments. Also, many people can be accommodated in the online platforms. Hence, space never becomes an issue.
  • Online assignments can be submitted through certain online platforms that consist of plagiarism checkers. Hence, it becomes much easier for students to maintain the originality of their work.

Criticisms of Online Assignments

Despite its efficacy in hard times such as the pandemic, the practice of giving online assignments in academic institutes has been criticised by many. Several educators have commented that the online mode of learning is inadequate compared to the offline mode. Body language is an important part of effective communication and the online mode of learning completely lacks that.

Moreover, online assignments require advanced gadgets which are still unaffordable for a huge population of students across the globe. Hence, it can become a constraint instead of a catalyst for the spread of education.


Despite its limitation, it is undeniable that online assignments have been a useful way of continuing academic activities during the pandemic and other above-mentioned situations. As much as it might prevent effective communication, students with social anxiety often find online assignments helpful for their better academic performance.

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